Friday, July 16, 2010

Tokyo Tower

Another day this week Tim helped me plan an adventure. There is a temple or shrine (I still can't tell the difference) near the Tokyo Tower.

Walking up to the temple, you can see the Tokyo Tower in the background.

The temple consists of the entrance building, and then the actual temple.

In the Tokyo tower, you can go up 150 meters to the main observation deck, or 250 meters to the special observation deck. I did the main observation deck. The view is really good, and then there are windows in the floor to see down the tower.

Then I was going to walk to Roppongi Hills, but decided it was way to hot. So I rode the subway over to Ginza. Down one of the alleys was a Haagen Dazs, and I thought a smoothie or a scoop of ice cream would be really refreshing. Before I knew what was happening I was shown into an elevator and seated at a really nice table. This was no ordinary scoop of ice cream.

It was amazing. I walked around the streets of Ginza for a while. Then I got on the subway to head back home. However, I walked out of our subway station a completely different way than I am used to. I couldn't see any of the usual landmarks. So I called Tim. I told him what I could see, and he told me what streets to walk up to get back to familiar territory. Whew! It was quite an adventure.

Also this week we had dinner with friends, which was really nice.

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Meredith and Abe Fish said...

Oh Heather, you can't post pictures of kids sitting on glass that high up with a warning. My heart is racing just looking at it on the screen. I couldn't walk up there. I can't do grates on the city streets either though.~Meredith