Thursday, July 29, 2010


I will admit, this week I have been thinking, oh my sister will be here on Monday, so I will just wait to do that.... Plus, it is still hot. When my sister is here, we will brave the heat, but for now, I am soaking up the A/C. Here are the couple of times I ventured outside this week.

I went out one day and ordered a caesar salad for lunch, and it came with an egg on top. This was my first encounter with the egg, which everyone says is very japanese, and I forgot to take a picture. Then I went to the grocery store and noticed this great picture of the temple.

After going to the temple I walked to Azabujuban, which was a pretty residential walk, and had dinner with Tim.

Tim and I went to lunch with a friend, and it was delicious food.

I went swimming with my friends and their kids. Nothing beats hot weather like a pool.

Tim and I got some tempura, which was fantastic, especially the butternut squash. I also made cashew chicken this week. So all in all it was a nice, low key week.

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