Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2... and beyond

I had started a blog draft back in January...... and life got busy and I never finished it.

Further Reflections on Resolutions
I was reading for one of my classes, and it talks about using resolution to handle crisis. Often people look for solutions when they are in a crisis situation. A solution is something outside of yourself, and is usually a way to fix something. However, if you approach a crisis with resolution, then you will be focused inward. You will transform your point of view, change your heart, or shift your thinking in order to become resolute.

I think this is an interesting way to look at resolutions. Instead of a to-do list, or something outside of yourself, it should be an internal list, a way to change your thinking and your heart, and then things on the outside will automatically adjust.

But, to answer your real question. My resolutions are going fair to middlin'. I started out great, with three trips to the gym last week, my bag of carrots and apples for my first two classes, and my bottle of water. Then I got sick. I blame the carrots. So I missed the gym, and I drank Sprite instead of water. Now I am trying to adjust to a new school schedule and a new work schedule, so I am going to give myself license to get creative on the gym attendance. Maybe just a mile walk around campus, or some situps at home. But I am sticking to the healthy snacks at work and school.


Fast forward to six weeks into the year..... and I can tell you that going to the gym while working was impossible. So I didn't. I can also tell you that I haven't eaten carrots raw as a snack since I got sick (I may have had some in a salad on accident) :) The water consumption goes better when you are thirsty from working out. And I concluded that craisins were a fast, healthy alternative to cutting up my own snacks. Despite all of these setbacks, my intake of ice cream has been less, and as a result of just being aware of what I eat, I have become slightly more healthy than I was six weeks ago. So here's to the next six weeks....

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