Wednesday, June 16, 2010


As a wedding present, Tim bought me a kindle. This was fantastic.... a couple of minutes before we had to leave the house I had my sister (an english professor) download me a bunch of books to read. Here are my reviews:

Percy Jackson Series
I read all five books, and really enjoyed them. I then saw the movie on the flight to Tokyo, and it wasn't as detailed as the first book. I am kind of sad there are no more books in this series. If I had realized that, I might not have read them so fast :)

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox

This was an interesting book because of the writing style and the subject. The writing style was told from several different voices, and one of those voices had Alzheimer's. It was interesting to see how the Alzheimer's changed the narration. The subject is a women who is locked up in a mental institution by her family, and is released because the institution is shut down into the care of a great niece.

The Secret of Lost Things
It wasn't until the end of this book that I realized it didn't really have a point. I kept waiting for the point of the story, and never really felt like I got one. It is about a girl whose mother dies, and she moves to New York City and works in a book store. I am not really sure I would recommend this. It kind of leaves you just wondering where the story really is. There are alot of references to Melville, so maybe that would be interesting.

House Rules

This is a Jodi Picoult novel. I had gotten tired of her books, but this one was really entertaining. It is about a boy with asperger's, and is told through several different character voices. It gives an interesting perspective on what living with asperger's is like. Of course, the ending is not complete, as Jodi Picoult leaves you to ponder the ethics of the situation.

Assassination Vacation
This was interesting because it is a novel, but it read like research. Since I enjoy Presidential Libraries, I found it interesting how the author travels to different sites researching Presidential Assassinations.

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