Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

My one friend is a big fan of the weekend trip, mostly because vacation time is precious, and generally used to visit her family who lives on the other end of the country. So when a great airline deal came through, my two friends and I decided to do a Winter getaway for just a weekend. The debate was between Niagra Falls and Orlando..... I am so glad Orlando won because Niagra in January is not my idea of fun.
Then we saw a commercial for a free Disney pass if you do a day of service. Having already bought the airline ticket, we were locked in to going the third weekend of January. We found a service opportunity the week before our trip, and I was a big skeptic that we would get the free ticket in time. But to our good fortune, we were able to get the free pass.
Friday night after work we met up at the airport, and flew to Orlando.
Saturday morning we got up, and after a brief debate on whether we could take a detour to the Kennedy Space Center (2 hour drive is not a detour), we hit the Magic Kingdom!
It was unbelievably magical. Seriously. One of my friends also had never been to Disney, and we just had a blast. Hearing your dreams can come true, and meeting princesses has a way of awakening the inner princess, and this trip proves I am a princess. I was attempting to sleep one night at the hotel, when my friends cell phone kept going off. After the second time, I said something to her about how it woke me up. She then turned it to vibrate and stuck it under the pillow. But I could still feel the vibrating ring, so I am exactly like the princess and the pea. We also found some Mickey rings, and this song was stuck in my head.

The second day we went to Epcot, and it was really cool. My favorite part was the test car track, and all the celebrities like Ellen who created rides. It is amazing how happy people are at Disney. We had gorgeous weather, all the cast members were very helpful, no one was shoving in line or running through the park to get ahead of anyone. It was a very chill and happy vacation. Going to the airport Monday morning was a very rude awakening that we were no longer at the Happiest Place on Earth.......

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