Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slow and steady wins the race

I usually try to exercise before work because there is no one in the neighborhood pool, but this week it didn't work out. So I went after work. I was swimming my laps during one of the adult swims, and a bunch of kids were sitting around with their feet in the water waiting to get back in. I didn't finish all my laps in the time period, so then the kids jumped in and challenged each other to a race. So they swam past me. Then they challenged each other to swim ten laps, and they were going super slow, and I am pretty sure they were making fun of me :)

Then I was riding my bike. I wear regular work out shorts and a tshirt, and I have a mountain bike ish type, so I don't ride all hunched over like on a road bike.... basically I ride a bike like I did when I was a kid. So I am riding along, slowly, and this guy speeds past. He is on a road bike, with the whole spandex outfit, the shoes that clip in, the water thing on his back... you know, a real professional. So I can only imagine how comical I looked in comparison.

This weekend was tax-free weekend in North Carolina. So I went to the outlet mall with a friend for some good clothing sales. We had a blast, and got some good deals. I also got to see a Durham Bulls game. The best part was the fireworks at the end of the game. They were so close it was amazing! It was a great weekend.

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Carla said...

who cares if you look like a professional or not... and i love baseball games