Saturday, May 15, 2010

I wish I May

I will admit, the last 6 weeks have gone by very very quickly. So this is me, trying to catch up on all that has happened.

My sister came home from Germany on April 28, and her boyfriend flew out. Tim came for a two week visit, and my brother came up from Charlotte. So it was a big Sunday dinner that first Sunday.

My other sister came home for a visit once school ended.

One of the things Tim and I did while he was visiting was to get a marriage license. We saw a couple at the courthouse in a suit and a nice cream dress, so they might have been heading off immediately to their wedding.

I painted my bedroom. This was a weeklong undertaking because I had previously painted the trim black. Memo to self.... no matter how cool black trim sounds, it is a pain to repaint.

I packed up my life. I had thought maybe I would ship things to Japan, but then I couldn't really decide what to ship. So I just packed three suitcases, one for the honeymoon, and two for Japan.

The rest of May I took trips, which was totally fun. I will write about those in separate posts.

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