Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Once upon a time in a factory far far away, a plastic mold was cast and filled with electronic pieces. As the components were finally all connected, it suddenly was transformed into a computer. The computer was told to report to the assignment office. With some trepidation, the computer went to the assignment office. The computer was given an assignment to go to Florida to become a proof of concept with some new and exciting software. However, before going to Florida, the computer must first go to a lab to get the new and exciting software. The computer was thrilled. To be a proof of concept is one of the highest assignments, second only to being a production server! Several people began working on loading the software onto the computer in preparation for Florida. This was a very long and tedious process, and as time passed, the people realized that it wouldn't be done in time to put the computer onto a truck to be sent to Florida. The computer was so excited! The people were talking about buying the computer a plane ticket to fly to Florida. The computer had always wanted to try those in flight peanuts. The people drove the computer to the airport and bought the computer a one way ticket to Florida. They made sure the flight attendants would pay attention to the computer and ensure the computer was secure on the flight. Then the computer had to go through security alone because the people didn't have tickets to pass through security. Around on the conveyor belts went the computer. Sitting in a chair waiting for the flight to board was really long and tedious, and the computer didn't have any e-books loaded. Finally the flight attendant called the computer's row, and got the computer all buckled in and safe. The flight attendant had some coloring books that were used with other young travelers, but the computer didn't have the right external ports to upload the images. There were other people waiting for the computer when the plane landed, and finally, the computer was set up as the proof of concept, and had fulfilled the assignment.

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